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Peers Lab, University of Liege
Total RNA was extracted from FACS sorted cells using the RNeasy plus micro kit (Qiagene). RNA from endocrine and acinar cells was eluted in 10 μL with a concentration of 100–400 pg/μL. RNA integrity was assessed by a capillary electrophoresis using Agilent RNA 6000 pico chip (Agilent technologies), the RIN value for each sample was from 8 to 10. The Smarter Ultra low RNA input kit (clontech) was used to for the synthesis and amplification of cDNA synthesis using up to 10 ng of total RNA following the manufacturer’s instructions and performing no more than 12 cycles of PCR in order to minimize amplification biases. The quality of cDNA was verified by 2100 High Sensitivity DNA assay (Agilent technologies). Truseq DNA Illumina libraries were prepared and sequenced to obtain approximately 90 million reads (100 bp paired-end reads) per library using the Hiseq 2000 Illumina sequencer.
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Total RNA
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