Data Usage Policy

The DANIO-CODE consortium has generated a comprehensive compendium of published and unpublished genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic datasets from zebrafish. The resource in its current version Freeze02 covers 38 stages of wild-type embryonic zebrafish development from fertilisation to free feeding larva as well as tissues of adult forms and comprises nearly 1000 sequencing samples of 17 assay types.

Please note, that this is a pre-publication data release containing both sample description (annotation) as well as major re-analyses of sequencing data by standardised computational pipelines. Therefore, this release represents added value compared to the original publications from which the bulk of the raw data originates. Feel free to search and download the resource data. However, we ask that you refrain from publishing larger scale or genome-wide analyses of these datasets for 12 months from the time of release of the dataset (23rd June 2018) or until the main publication archive of the DANIO-CODE consortium appears online, whichever comes first.

For citations of small scale or locus specific analyses in publications before the paper is out please use the link to the Data Coordination Centre and acknowledge us: “We would like to thank the DANIO-CODE consortium for providing zebrafish epigenomics data.”

We shall update the information on citation policy regularly, please watch this space for updates. For technical enquiries contact for DANIO-CODE publication policies and other enquiries contact